Climate change 101 for SMEs learning tool launched in Stockholm+50 event

June, 2022

Our company was invited to deliver the technical solution for an educational platform that aims to empower SMEs in global supply chains to start their climate journeys towards zero emissions. Together with Swedish Axfoundation, Axel Johnson Group companies, Swedish Trade Federation and Exponential Roadmap Initiative, we embarked on a journey with an ambition to develop the most user-friendly and relevant tool for SMEs anywhere in the world that empowers them to take concrete steps in reducing their carbon footprint. Read more about the tool and launch event at Axfoundation site.

AskKauko has a unique combination of expertise that enables development of novel technical solutions with user friendliness that was particularly important in this project, given that most SMEs in the world have limited understanding of climate change and consider for example carbon footprint calculation and target setting as alien to their daily routine. Our team has also highly experienced international expertise related to climate change and the private sector, which made collaboration with other experts involved with the project and translation of rather complex technical concepts regarding climate change in an easy to understand format on the Climate Education Tool. 

The Stockholm+50 event was chosen as an appropriate platform to launch the tool, given that this international event was celebrating 50 years of international collaboration on environmental issues, and discussing future priorities to tackle challenges related to climate change, biodiversity, among others. Private sector’s role in mitigating biodiversity and climate impacts is already taking the center stage, and discussion is actually moving from mitigation towards net-positive, which is what this world needs. Sami Tornikoski from AskKauko delivered a keynote of the Climate Education Tool during the launch session, which was streamed globally with millions of people joining online.

We are extremely grateful and proud to have been chosen as a partner in this important project. Not least, because it fits perfectly with our purpose to increase understanding of how to make the world more sustainable. Go, use and share the free Climate Education Tool to accelerate climate action in your network!

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