ImpactOS Training - Carbon footprint calculation in 2 hours

Empower the SMEs in your network with the fastest and most cost-effective way to calculate their carbon footprint.

Main challenges SMEs face related to carbon emissions

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Costs: The perception of high costs prevents many SMEs from taking action.

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Lack of expertise: The complexity of carbon footprint calculation using current methods and the lack of clarity about the necessary information to perform the calculation are major obstacles.

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Economic benefits: Uncertainty about the direct economic benefits of the calculation investment relative to the costs.

Key reasons for SMEs to calculate their carbon footprint

  • Brings power to regulatory and stakeholder reporting
  • Maintains competitiveness
  • Meets the requirements of financiers
  • Helps identify cost savings
  • Opens new business opportunities
  • Develops a responsible brand and employer image


Carbon footprint calculation in 2 hours training (CO2H)

We provide a unique training package that offers to SMEs in your network with the opportunity to calculate carbon footprint ((Scope 1 &2), according to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard in just 2 hours, following an efficient process guided by our experts, while using our open training resources and tools.

We are on a mission to make carbon footprint calculation easy and accessible for everyone.

Comparison - Current training methods vs. Our training

Current methods
Our training
Guidance only
Complete calculation and report
Clumsy Excel tables are used
Easy-to-use, plain-language tools
Weeks of consultations
2 hour workshop
Price tag of thousands of euros
Free for participants
Annually recurring costs and license fees
The ability to independently update calculations for free

Our process

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Preliminary information and preparation for training

Recorded 1 hour webinar.
Guided collection of preliminary consumption data by participants.
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Training CO2H

Presentation of calculation principles according to the GHG protocol.
Completing the calculation and report on the carbon footprint in 2 hours.
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Value after coaching

Knowledge and free tools to update and repeat carbon footprint calculations.
Customer survey to validate our performance and your success.
100% satisfaction guarantee!

From the participants

“I can't believe this is already done and ready in 2 hours - I'm done!”
“This was much easier than I expected!”

From customers

"Based on our own experience, in the future we dare to offer companies in our region the ImpactOS Open platform for reporting their own responsibility work."
Sari Åkerlund, Business Äänekoski

Frequently asked questions

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Benefits you can expect by training SMEs to calculate their carbon footprint?

Better customer service for existing customers and partners
Competitive advantage for new customer acquisition
The development of a responsible employer image
Anonymized data about corporate responsibility for tki use
And with consent, also company-specific data


Single training
For calculating the carbon footprint of 30 organizations (scope 1 & 2)
ImpactOS Training
Carbon footprint calculation (scope 1 & 2)
Preliminary information and advance information
Training CO2H
Complete calculation, new know-how and an open platform
Customer survey to ensure profitability and development
Get a volume discount on multiple trainings
We offer progressive discount when you buy more than 1 training.
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Co-founder, CEO
Mikko Wahlman
Partner, Head of Customer Success
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Sami Tornikoski
Partner, Head of Impact
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