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Take advantage of the Open solutions for climate training, carbon calculation and sustainability reporting on the ImpactOS platform - and empower your suppliers, members and customers with the solutions.

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Open solutions for SME climate training, carbon calculation and sustainability reporting

ImpactOS Open offers a comprehensive set of tools designed for SMEs, large enterprises and their supply chains to help SMEs in particular navigate the complexities of sustainability practices with ease.

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ImpactOS Open simplifies your journey towards sustainability and climate action in three straightforward steps, designed to empower your business with knowledge, tools, and guidance necessary for impactful sustainability stewardship.
Step 1:

Educate and Set Targets with the Climate Education Tool

Learn the Basics & Beyond: Our Climate Education Tool demystifies the complexities of climate action for SMEs. It provides an interactive learning experience that covers essential topics, from understanding climate change to setting realistic sustainability targets.
Self-Assessment & Motivation: Gauge your current standing with our self-assessment feature. Receive tailored advice and actionable next steps to improve your climate performance, keeping you motivated and on track.
Guidance on Targets: Based on your assessment, we help you set achievable climate targets, guiding you through measuring your baseline emissions and outlining strategies for effective reporting and reduction.
Step 2:

Measure Your Impact with the Carbon Calculator

Comprehensive GHG Protocol Coverage: Utilise our Carbon Calculator to measure your emissions accurately. Our calculator adheres to the GHG Protocol, ensuring support for scope 1, 2 and 3 emission calculations.
User-Friendly Interface: No need for prior expertise—enter your data, and let our calculator do the rest. With our open emission factor database, you get precise calculations, making it easier to identify and prioritize reduction strategies.
Step 3:

Report with Confidence Using Our Sustainable Reporting Tool

Align with Global Standards: Our reporting tool is designed around the UN Global Compact framework, ensuring your sustainability reports meet international standards and best practices. Tool will also be aligned with upcoming ESRS for SMEs.
Streamlined Reporting Process: Simplify your reporting process with our guided framework. Highlight your achievements, outline your sustainability journey, and communicate your progress effectively to stakeholders.
Drive Improvement: Use the insights gained from your reports to drive continuous improvement within your organization. Our tool helps you not only to report on past and current performance but also to plan for future sustainability initiatives.

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“The process that seemed difficult turned out to be easy thanks to an agile and easy-to-use platform. The process was significantly less labor-intensive than we expected, although some information had to be clarified a little more than expected.”
Satu Mäkelä, Päijän Boats Oy
"ImpactOS platform and Carbon Calculator meet my need well, which is to help micro and SME companies start planning actions to implement related to sustainable development and reporting.”
Arto Vidgren, Tuotteistajatalo Coaching Ky
"Based on our own experience, we dare to offer companies in our region the ImpactOS platform for reporting their own sustainability work in the future."
Sari Åkerlund, Business Äänekoski
The ImpactOS platform has been developed by carefully listening to our customers' needs and wishes in more than 60 customer projects, where we have visualised our customers' sustainability data for a competitive advantage.

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Climate Education Tool

Use the free Climate Education Tool and learn how to make better business with lower emissions. This tool is designed to address the needs of SMEs.

Open Climate Education Tool

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