Calculate your company’s climate emissions with a free carbon calculator

The ImpactOS platform's Carbon Calculator is a free, domestic tool for emissions calculation and reporting for companies of all sizes.

Step One Event 28.11.2023

How can you find out your company's emissions in a couple of hours? Watch the recording of the event.

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Creating an account

Anyone can create an account on the ImpactOS platform free of charge: companies, organizations, educational institutions and students, municipalities and even citizens.

Users receive guidance and tools for calculating their own carbon footprint and creating a sustainability report, and learn about the impacts of sustainable and responsible business.

ImpactOS platform

The platform scales according to user needs and offers paid tools for advanced users.

By helping SMEs to measure and report, we complement the range of means for large companies to get hold of data from supply chains to meet their legal requirements.

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Released 28.11.2023

The best friend of an SME

Meet the requirements

The free carbon calculator is based on the international GHG protocol, which allows you to meet the requirements of customers, financiers and soon the authorities regarding your greenhouse gas emissions.

Export report

Export your new data from the platform in spreadsheet format to be used in your customer and sustainability reporting.


Invite colleagues to collect data and learn about sustainability and responsibility work in their own field.

Made in Finland

The language is common sense, platform explains difficult concepts and educational content is available to improve the use of the platform. In Finnish and English - target more than 50 language versions.

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Released 28.11.2023

Free Carbon Calculator

Carbon Calculator

Helps you calculate your company's carbon footprint with a free calculator.

Emission factor database

With the help of a completely open, constantly growing emission factor database, carbon dioxide emissions can be easily calculated - just by entering your consumption data.

Own emission factors

You can also use your own emission factors, and you can get help from, for example, your own electricity company.

No paywall

Later, the open emission factor database will be expanded with the help of artificial intelligence. In our opinion, emission factor data do not belong behind paywalls, but to accelerate the sustainable change!

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Released 28.11.2023

Effortless reporting

CO2 emissions

As a result of the carbon calculator, users get the reports of the carbon footprint of their own operations, which customers demand to report and which will soon affect the availability and terms of financing.

Sustainability reporting

When users have started sustainability reporting by measuring the carbon footprint of their own operations, they can define the current status of other sustainability practices using the UN's Global Compact framework from January 2023.

Customer reporting

It is easy to report the results of the carbon calculator to the customer using the platform or download them in spreadsheet format for your own reporting template.

Embed on your website

Users can also attach the report generated by the platform to their own website in visual PDF format.

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Release in February 2024

Own Situation Rooms

Create Situation Rooms

Situation rooms enable viewing of several years' time series with selected filters, in an interactive dashboard.

Visualize the progress

You can examine data on the current state of sustainability at several different viewing levels in the visual user interface.

Report on progress

Add time series and more detailed descriptions of events and actions to your reports.

Create Roadmaps

When users know the current state of sustainability for their own operations, it enables the planning of goals and actions into dynamic Roadmaps.

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Release in February 2024

My Roadmaps

Goals and actions

Set goals for your climate, environmental and other sustainability work and plan actions to achieve the goals.

Plan and lead

The dynamic and interactive Roadmap is an excellent tool for planning and managing actions.

Simulation of impacts

When creating the Roadmap, simulate and examine e.g. the climate and economic impacts of selected actions.

Recommendations for actions

The ImpactOS platform's ever-growing Solution database helps users find actions that will help them achieve their goals.

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Release in February 2024

Methods and innovations

Discoverable Solutions

The platform's 2nd freemium tool, Solution, is indexed in the database. Solution page presents essential information about new methods and innovations.


In the paid version, you can also add your own calculation model, which enables simulating the impacts of your Solution with user data.

More sales

The Solution is a powerful sales and marketing tool, which you can use to collect leads and generate new business.

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Release in February 2024

Solutions on Roadmaps

Recommendations for Roadmaps

The selected Recommendations are taken to the Roadmaps to complement the existing actions to achieve the set goals.

Versatile use

Roadmaps are used to monitor the progress of actions, manage development and communicate results - both to internal and external stakeholders.

Loved by analysts

In addition to the current situation, financial industry analysts are particularly interested in where you are going and how your journey is progressing. A dynamic and interactive user interface gives the analyst a better picture than the currently used static tables and documents.

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Release in May 2024

Data from value chains

Data collection automation

When companies are empowered to produce data on the sustainability and responsibility of their own operations, the Data Chain tool enables the automation of new data collection, for example from supply chains.

Regulations for data collection

With the Data Chain tool, the user creates rules and sequences for collecting new data. Our experts will be happy to help you create the regulations that best suit you.

Significant cost savings

Large companies can save hundreds of thousands of euros per year by improving the collection of mandatory data from their own supply chains.

Complimentary solution

We compliment existing systems by providing an application programming interface (API) from which new data can be easily retrieved.

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Release in May 2024

Risks and opportunities

Data collection progress

Map supply chains by sending an invitation to direct suppliers, who forward the mapping invitation. Follow in real time how your own supply chains are formed. Data collection requests can be sent to entire chains and data can be collected and analyzed in your own situation room.


The views of the dynamic and visual situation room help to analyze e.g. risks related to supply chains, such as incomplete data and water and climate risks.


All supply chains can be viewed by filtering according to usage needs so that the information can be managed in aggregates. The features focus on identifying and prioritizing development needs for the sustainability of supply chains.

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Release TBA

Ask Kauko

Free search

The platform's 3rd Freemium tool is an artificial intelligence-assisted search function available to all users, which allows users to find training content, tools, data, reports, solutions and, later, funding opportunities related to their search.

Research support

We package the data produced by the platform in a usable and accessible form for the needs of educational institutions' tki projects. In addition, we enable the students of educational institutions to have a learning environment that allows students to increase their professional skills from the perspectives of sustainable development and responsibility.

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"AskKauko's ImpactOS platform and Carbon Calculator meet my need well, which is to help micro and SME companies start planning actions to implement related to sustainable development and reporting. These things can be very complex and extensive, but AskKauko has set out to make tools that help entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the topics to quickly get started from almost "zero level".
Arto Vidgren, Sustainability coach, Tuottteistajatalo Coaching Ky
"The process that seemed difficult turned out to be easy thanks to experts and an agile and easy-to-use platform. The process was significantly less labor-intensive than we expected, although some information had to be clarified a little more. In the future, it will be easier to visualize our progress thanks to the ImpactOS platform, and once the process has gone through and the platform is in use, updating and monitoring data in the future will not require as much work. Thus, we can focus resources on business development and improving sustainability."
Satu Mäkelä, Finance Manager, Päijän Boats Oy

Companies we have worked with

The ImpactOS platform has been developed by listening closely to our customers' needs and wishes in more than 60 customer projects, where we have visualized our customers' sustainability data for a competitive advantage.

Our Purpose

We increase understanding of how to make the world more sustainable

AskKauko Ltd, developer of the ImpactOS platform, is a software company specialized in measuring and visualizing ESG data. Our team consists of experienced sustainability experts, system architects and graphic designers, who are united by a passion for developing easy-to-use and inspiring tools for the development of sustainability in SMEs within global supply chains.

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